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The JRD Group have a firm commitment to education and training, with our CEO, Bob Rogers, having been involved in the area of program development since the 1990s, and serving on TAFE and University Industry Advisory Committees in an endeavour to improve course content through better awareness of industry needs. He is also the convenor of the Australian Radio Communication Industry Association’s  Education & Training Sub-Committee.


As part of this commitment to education, we have provided sponsorship of RMIT student awards, opportunities for site and industry visits to locations such as our facilities at 101 Collins Street Melbourne and our Huntingdale complex, presented as guest lecturers, addressed lecturers on professional development days, facilitated equipment donations, and sponsored the RMIT Engenius program annually since 2006.


We worked with Tait, and our industry association – ARCIA – to create the Angus Tait Memorial Scholarship which is offered to students in the field of radio communications.


2012 sees the introduction of a new initiative, The JRD Group Open Scholarship, which will be available to a student undertaking higher education study in any discipline, at any university in Victoria.


The Scholarship will be awarded in July to the applicant who is best able to show academic progress in their chosen program, and most importantly, best able to demonstrate a true passion for their intended field.


The distinction in our industry has long been a passion for radio communications, and we recognise that it is this difference, this passion,  which makes for excellence in not only our field of communications, but in all forms of endeavour.


JRD Group Open Scholarship


Bob Rogers, our CEO, has spoken many times, at lectures and keynote presentations, of what he calls “The Passion”, a characteristic which he sees as the key distinction in students who will excel in their profession, and one readily acknowledged by his academic colleagues. In the field of radio communications, many people entered through a passion for amateur radio, making their hobby their profession.

At a recent retirement lunch, a colleague remarked how blessed he felt to have worked in a field which was his initially his hobby – and one in which he reached, by peer observation,  the pinnacle of excellence.


People with this passion will often work in their chosen field to fulfil their dream or lifelong interest, and whilst financial reward is important, it is usually not the reason for their choice of work.


They are sometimes, but not always, academic achievers, they are people who develop a comprehension of their field which is beyond rote learning, who through their dedication and love of their field, are most often those who will make a difference, both in their lives and to their profession.


To this end, it is with much pleasure that we launch the JRD Group Open Scholarship which is intended to provide encouragement to students who have strived, both academically and through personal interests, to make a difference, and with a passion for their intended discipline.


Availability and Award

The JRD Group Open Scholarship is available to students in any discipline living in Victoria and studying at a university in Victoria, and will be awarded to the successful applicant in July.

Australian Taxation laws are such that the Scholarship may be taxable depending on employment status, and we would suggest that intending applicants investigate how this might affect them.



Students interested in applying for consideration for The JRD Group Open Scholarship should submit:


  • A letter detailing their personal and academic background
  • Current course of study, academic institution, and whether full or part time
  • Expected completion of their current program, and any anticipated post graduate study
  • Number of courses to be undertaken in the current year
  • Interests and achievements, and relevance to their program
  • Details of any relevant work experience
  • A short essay on their reason for choosing their course of study
  • Two personal references supporting their application
  • Contact details


An application proforma, and terms and conditions of the award are available upon request, by emailing jrdcom (at)

Applications will be received until June 30.

All submissions will be held in confidence, and will be considered on their merit, by a panel comprising JRD Group management and external advisors, with an announcement of the successful applicant made on or prior to July 30.


Written submissions should be marked “Private and Confidential” and mailed to:


Scholarship Submission

The JRD Group

PO Box 1025


2014 Scholarship Awarded

The 2014 JRD Group Open Scholarship has been awarded, after consideration of all submissions by our Assessment Panel, to Miss Chelsea Arganbright, who is undertaking her Master of Urban Planning at Melbourne University.

We congratulate Chelsea for the passion she exhibits in her field, and in particular for her desire to harmonize urban planning with nature.

We wish her well for her future endeavours.

2013 Scholarship Awarded

The 2013 JRD Group Open Scholarship has been awarded, after consideration of all submissions by our Assessment Panel, to Mr Adam Lopez Denman, who is undertaking his Doctoral research in the area of Biological Science.

We congratulate Adam on his passion for his research, and wish him well for his future endeavours in the field.

2012 Scholarship Awarded

The inaugural JRD Group Open Scholarship was awarded to Miss Caroline Seawright, a student in Archaeology undertaking study at Latrobe University.

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